USC FWD Shootout Friday 06 - Saturday 07 August 2021 Santa Pod Raceway

The USC FWD Shootout is a new, "no holds barred" class giving those with FWD configurations an opportunity to race at USC.

Aimed largely at vehicles from the FWD series, emphasis is on track time, and close, fun racing.

Please note that these tickets are for race entries only and NOT general admission tickets. For general admission tickets: Click Here

Entries to The USC Shootout will receive 2 weekend admission tickets to the event. If you require any additional tickets, they will need to be purchased separately.

The organisers reserve the right to exclude any entry from the shootout if they deem necessary. This would only be in the case of a car or driver being deemed unsafe or in breach of their class rules. The organisers decision is final and no disputes will be entered in to.

All entries are on a first come, first served basis.

Entries are limited to 20 cars.

All entries must be proven to have run quicker than 11 seconds to be eligible for the shootout

Gates open at 8am Friday for ALL competitors.

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Section Description Price Quantity
Race Entry info   USC Race Entry £200.00

Santa Pod Raceway - Airfield Road, Podington, Wellingborough, Northants, NN29 7XA

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A full valid recognised road driving licence or MSA/FIA licence is required to sign-on.

A declaration form must be signed by the driver before running on the track.

The Race Director/Promoter retains the right to refuse track access to any vehicle they deem to be unsuitable, entry will not be refunded.

Qualified cars will advance to eliminations. All pairings will be based on a maximum 16 car ladder. A lesser number of entries will result in the ladder size being reduced accordingly.

A maximum of 16 cars will be qualified and will enter eliminations.

All normal MSA/FIA general racing rules will apply such as blue line, first or worst, red lights, boundary infringements and staging rules etc.

30 seconds starting rule from staging lanes applies. The Starters decision is final.

The race director’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.

£1500 winner, £500 Runner Up plus trophies, only if minimum of 8 cars qualify otherwise only trophies will be issued.


Front Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive and 4 Wheel Drive are all permitted

4 Cylinder, 5 Cylinder, 6 Cylinder and all Rotary engines are permitted

Arm restraints are mandatory for all open top and windowless vehicles.

A safety helmet that is fit for purpose and a suitable fire suit are compulsory for ALL competitors. A neck brace or Hans Device highly recommended

The driver must declare that their vehicle is safe and complies with the necessary rules and regulations.

All vehicles taking part must be fit for purpose.

Parachutes are compulsory for all vehicles exceeding 150mph+

Minimum 5 point harness compulsory

Roll cage compulsory (minimum roll bar). Exclusions apply for vehicles manufactured later than 2010, running slower than 10.00 only.

The Fuel system must be separated from the drivers compartment (including lines)